Heavy Duty Pipe Rollers Everett

We were approached by a customer to manufacture Pipe Rollers for use on several of their ongoing projects. Our solution was to construct these Heavy Duty Pipe Rollers that have a 20,000 lb capacity, which provided the customer with the flexibility of handling pipe sizes from 6” in diameter up to 96”.

These units are ready to ship to Everett and were designed to be crane lift-able with fork pockets so they can be moved and placed easily where required. Steel high capacity rollers were used and canted to allow for easy centering of pipe. Having these smaller units allows you to simply use more of them to carry the load of any length of pipe you need to support or move.

If you have a steel project in mind to help your business activities contact our sales department at 1-877-727-7833 or sales@scsinc.ca and we can help bring it to fruition.