Customized Contractor Duty Roll Off, Flat Deck and Rectangular Roll Off Container Redmond

Terraburst Inc. proudly completes over 250 sewer and water service replacements every year. To aid and support their growing business in the area, these recently delivered units consisting of a customized Contractor Duty Roll Off, Flat Deck and Rectangular Roll off container will allow them the flexibility to provide increased operational efficiencies to their customer base.

The 18 foot contractor duty roll off are ready to ship to Redmond and comes equipped with an optional cab guard to protect their truck while machine loading gravel and other items. The two way rear gate can be used in either dump style mode (hinged along the top edge)  that comes with spreader chains to regulate the flow of the material (gravel/soil/sand) being dumped, or with a quick change to the hinge pins it can be laid flat like a tailgate of a pick up truck. Having the flexibility of laying the gate flat allows them to load an excavator into the container and secure it with the installed D-Rings so you can take both the excavator and the bin to site with a single vehicle. Other options include the addition of side boards allowing them to haul a greater capacity of lighter materials such as tree clippings when required.

The 18 foot wood Flat Deck comes with a fixed beavertail ramp making loading of equipment and vehicles easy. D-Rings were added to the deck to allow for multiple tie down spots to properly secure the load for their equipment. A 5 foot high headache rack with vision slats allows the driver to keep an eye on the load from the cab of the truck. Finally, a low profile sliding winch set up that works with regular 4” rated load straps to assist in securing any load to the deck in virtually any configuration.

All of the roll off units were painted Caterpillar Yellow to match their equipment and provide a consistent look and brand image.

Do you want to add flexibility to your Roll off system? Contact our Sales Department at 1-877-727-7833 or email to discuss the available options.