Waste management is also referred to as waste or refuse disposal, which involves the collection, transport and disposal of un-wanted materials. There are various types of waste materials such as municipal, residential, institutional, commercial, agricultural, medical waste and hazardous waste materials. Waste management is a vital part of the developed world as it helps to reduce adverse effects of waste materials on human health and the environment.

Waste and refuse hauling services for both commercial and residential applications require the right equipment for the job. Roll off containers are the workhorse of the waste hauling industry as they provide both functionality and durability for commercial waste hauling companies. Rectangular Roll Off Containers are the most common type of dumpsters used because of their large carrying capacity and strength. Commercial waste haulers can efficiently transport refuse materials to maximize the capacity of their fleet vehicles. These containers can be fitted to both cable pull and hook lift truck systems, which allows for easy on site pickup and drop off.

Tub Style Roll Off Containers are preferred in urban areas because they are smaller than the traditional Rectangular Roll Off Containers. Densely populated urban corridors require a more compact truck due to roadway weight restrictions and lane accessibility. The Tub Style Containers provide the same cable pull and hook lift compatibility in a more compact size for city applications.

Commercial waste and refuse haulers are responsible for the separation and correct disposal of materials. An essential part of waste management is to allocate refuse materials into the appropriate category which includes recycling, bio solids and waste materials. Sustainable disposal practices are a key component of ethically responsible waste management procedures. Resource recovery through recycling programs and the composting of organic bio solids decreases the amount of waste allocated to landfills. These sustainable waste management initiatives help reduce the size of our landfills and help conserve our natural resources.