Quick Connect Bins Heavy Duty Seattle

SCS Manufacturing has helped numerous customers customize products for use in specific applications over our 30 years in business. Our Quick connect bins are a great example of this. Used in rock quarries, waste to energy plants and mining applications to name a few these Heavy Duty units are designed for use with your site equipment enabling you to move and dump materials with the machinery you already use for other applications.

These particular bins were made for use in a waste to energy site to collect and move the ash that the system outputs during this process. Already having a loader on site, we were able to attach the quick connect lugs allowing them to use their existing equipment to perform this task. This allowed them to further utilize existing equipment without the added cost of purchasing another piece of equipment. The containers were sized to allow for collection of materials over their normal shifts, so they didn’t require multiple offloads during the day. The added engineered lifting lugs allow for crane lifting to move and place the units.

If you have a project that requires a specialized container contact our sales department at sales@scsinc.com or call our office Toll Free 1-877-727-7833 to discuss your requirements.