Scrap metal accumulates over time as products manufactured out of steel wear and eventually become unusable. When metal materials are ready to be recycled they are sold to steel recycling companies who sort and prepare the materials, which later get sold to metal manufacturing companies. Scrap metals are purchased from industrial manufacturers, railroads, agricultural machinery dealers, commercial farmers, commercial miners, commercial forestry companies, metal dealers, auto salvage facilities and individuals. Scrap metals are harvested from cars, trucks, railroad tracks, railway cars, obsolete industrial machinery, metal from building demolitions and residential appliances.

After the scrap metal is purchased, it is then processed by sorting, shearing, shredding, torching, crushing and packaging the final reusable product. This recycling process ensures metal pieces are the correct size, density and purity specified by steel mills and foundries. Once the final materials are packaged they are sold to companies that will melt down the raw recycled metal to produce new metal materials that can be manufactured into new products. Recycled scrap metal materials are consumed domestically as well as being exported abroad.

The scrap metal recycling industry relies on durable roll off containers to transport materials from collection sites to metal recycling facilities. Metal products are heavy and abrasive which means they require transport containers that can handle the harshest industrial applications. Commercial scrap metal haulers rely on Heavy Duty Rectangular Roll offs for transporting used metal to recycling facilities. Our heavy duty containers are best suited for dual axel trucks to ensure maximum payload for heavy loads of scrap steel materials. Collection dumpsters are often left on industrial sites so that they can be filled at the seller’s convenience. When the dumpster is full the metal recycling company will then haul it to the processing facility where it will be process and prepared for re-sale to metal manufacturers. To learn more about roll off containers suited for scrap metal hauling please contact our sales department.