Recycling is a very important process of modern waste management techniques that is used to reduce the amount of materials deposited into landfills. Waste materials should be separated on site with the use of various industrial containers for the different types of waste. Typically waste is separated into three different categories before proceeding to the next phase of the disposal process. Waste, recycling and compostable bio-solids. The dumpsters containing these materials are then transferred or transported by truck to their perspective processing facility.

Residential recycling materials include paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass tires, clothing and electronics or e-waste. Depending on the neighborhood recycling materials could be picked up from the curbside of each house, or from a dumpster in a multi-family housing complex. Residential pickup of recyclables is common practice in most American cities, the materials are then sorted at a central recycling facility. After the materials are sorted they are then packaged and sent to processing facilities where the recycled materials are broken down into raw reusable materials for new products. Some materials are not recyclable, the materials that are not reusable, or waste generated from the sorting process will then proceed to an incinerator or be disposed of at the landfill.

Commercial recycling contractors require transport containers that are both efficient and durable. Our most popular type of container for urban recycling applications is the Tub Style Roll Off Container. Densely populated urban corridors do not accommodate large trucks, fortunately tub style containers fit perfectly onto single axle trucks. Tub roll offs are an essential tool for waste contractors who haul house hold and residential recycling materials. Even though tub style containers are smaller than the average roll off they provide exceptional durability and payload capacity for larger loads. Heavy duty options are also available for those industrial waste contractors who haul commercial grade recycling materials. To learn more about industrial recycling transport containers, contact us today.