Nesting Roll Off Tub Style Containers Bellingham

Arcadian Contracting in Revelstoke BC was looking for a number of larger size containers to supplement their business activities in the area. In order to keep the cost of transportation down, they chose our Tub Style Containers shown below. Our Tub Style containers are ready to deliver to Bellingham, Washington. These bins are built to […]

Custom Premium Roll Off Mini Tubs Everett

These modified Premium Mini Tubs were requested for use in landfill, for collecting and segregating recyclable wastes such as glass and plastics. Through consultation with our design team, these units were specifically designed for the application by the customer in Everett, Washington. Features include a sealed fixed roof to keep the contents dry. Slats in […]

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Heavy Duty Roll Off Container with Side Door and Gravel Chutes Redmond

Heavy Duty Roll Offs ready to deliver to Redmond, Washington. One of our customers requested a roll off container that had multiple gravel shoots for loading wheel barrows with ease. Another necessary requirement was to have access to the bin with a man door. Our design team modified an existing Heavy Duty roll off design […]