Heavy Duty Rectangular Roll Off Washington

Not all roll off containers are alike. At SCS Manufacturing we take the time to speak with our customers to find out how they intend to use the container(s) so they get the right container for the job. Building them the right way for the intended application reduces down time and costly repairs, so your containers are out in field making you money, rather than incurring the cost of them being in the shop being repaired and the resulting loss of revenue.

A customer was looking for a heavy duty bin for use in their excavation and land clearing business. We provided one of our Heavy Duty Roll Off units which comes with several upgrades that are standard features in this Heavy Duty container line and are ready to ship to Washington. The units come with a heavier top rail, heavier door frame, additional hinges and a thicker floor. These are used to protect the bin while being machine loaded from accidental impact and dropping loads into the container from height. We also added a wall sheet upgrade to 3/16” thick steel as the customer uses the container to haul the cleared trees away so upgrading the walls prevents damage from shifting loads during loading and while in transit. To finish off the unit we color matched the paint to meet the companies branding standards.

No matter the intended application of the containers you are looking for, our sales team can help you find the right container for the right job. For more information contact us toll free at 1-877-727-7833 or via email at sales@scsinc.ca