Heavy Duty Tub Style Waste Bins Puget Sound

Who says it doesn’t get cold here in the Puget Sound? See the frost on these modified Heavy Duty Tubs. Often called event bins or sortable waste bins, these specially designed bins can be used for waste segregation. This is achieved by placing dividers between the roof lids to keep cardboard, plastics or any other waste streams segregated, allowing you do dump them separately at the recycling depot. These units can be customized to your specific requirements and with a bolt on roof option you can remove the roof when not needed and use as a regular roll off container, should your deployment needs change. Designs in the past have included opening for organic containers to further segregate wastes. Lids can be plastic as shown in the picture or steel lids with a pressurized lifting cylinder to help open and close the added weight of a steel lid.

The lids are lockable for overnight safekeeping and for transport down the road. Lengths range from 10 feet out to 16 feet in length and are usually 4 feet in height providing easy access for customers. These sizes accommodate capacities from 8 to 18 Cu. Yds.

Do you have a need for this style of container? Contact our Sales department at sales@scsinc.ca or call toll free 1-877-727-7833 to discuss your requirements with our team.