Standard Steel Flat Deck Roll Off Portland

Freshly painted and ready to ship to Portland WA, our standard 14 foot Steel Flat Deck Roll Off unit comes with:

  • 60” Headache Rack with vision slots
  • Side Mounted D-Rings for properly securing equipment to the deck
  • Rear Stake pockets added

SCS builds Flat Decks for all hook lift systems, cable pull systems and fixed body applications. Lengths range from 8 feet all the way up to 26 feet. Our decks come in your choice of steel decking or 2″ x 6″ tongue and groove pine decking.

Flat Decks can be individually customized with a myriad of different options, depending on the application. Customization options include; chain trays, chain hangers, tool holders, recessed D-Rings, a low profile winch system, a winch mounting plate and installation of a winch, fixed beavertail ramp, adjustable fold down ramp systems, just to name a few.

Need help building a flat deck to best suit your needs? Please contact our sales department.

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