Roll Off Nesting Rock Boxes Woodinville

Need to deliver two empty containers to Woodinville at the same time with a single hook lift truck?

With our nesting containers you can easily do this. Our slim design container, can be loaded in and out of a regular container using your hook lift system. The modified size container nests perfectly inside the standard unit, you can then load both units at the same time. This is ideal for deliveries of empty containers and allows for a greater level of flexibility in servicing your customers, all while keeping the driving time down. No need to return to home base and grab the second container. We can manufacture this nesting style of container in our Premium Mini Tubs or Heavy Duty Rock Box containers as shown in the picture.

Rock Box containers are our strongest, most durable roll off container. Designed for machine loading and transportation of heavy loads of rock, concrete rubble, sand and gravel or other debris, the SCS rock box will handle the job. Shown here the outer container is 20 feet in length with a 30” side wall providing 14 cubic yards of capacity, while the inner container is 19 feet long with a slightly higher 36” wall height providing 13 cubic yards of capacity. These units are painted John Deere Green.

Contact our sales department for pricing on the right set of nesting containers for your business.