Nesting Roll Off Tub Style Containers Bellingham

Arcadian Contracting in Revelstoke BC was looking for a number of larger size containers to supplement their business activities in the area. In order to keep the cost of transportation down, they chose our Tub Style Containers shown below.

Our Tub Style containers are ready to deliver to Bellingham, Washington. These bins are built to the same specifications as our Premium Tub Style containers but are designed to nest for transport. Nesting containers allows you to efficiently utilize deck space on a truck and reduce the delivery costs on larger quantities of these units. In this case we were able to load 9 units onto a single B-Train for delivery. The units come with D-Rings on the top rails allowing the units to be pulled apart easily with a crane or loader at the receiving site. Our smaller 12 foot lengths can see as many as 15 units stacked on a truck, making them very economical for transporting all over the Western portion of North America.

These 15 foot long 6 foot high 25 cubic yard containers were painted a bright Lime Green color and set up for use with a large Multilift hooklift system.

For more information and pricing on our tub style containers, contact our sales department at 1-877-727-7833