Contractor Duty Roll Off with Tarp Washington

The popularity of our dressed up Rock Boxes has grown significantly in the past few years & are ready to ship to Washington. Customers are looking to have their containers painted in colors that represent their company brand, match their website and overall company branding standards, so they stand out in the crowd.

This 15 foot Rock Box roll off container comes with added options such as a two-way tailgate, offsetting color side boards, slotted cab guard just to name a few. This is a good example of how we take pride in delivering our customers products. These options are not only practical and designed with the elements they require to perform their work, but enable our customers companies to stand out and help grow their brand and image in the markets they operate.

To explore how SCS Manufacturing help grow your brand with the equipment you use in your daily operations please contact our sales department at or call toll free at 1-877-727-7833 to speak with a representative.